Gourmia Compact Electric Portable Ice Maker – Get Ice in 10 Minutes

Get one of the fastest Ice maker machine by gourmia, get GI-10 which is one of the light weight compact electric portable ice maker machine. It comes in white colour and you have 2-3 more colour choices which you can select when you order it online. It is one of the best ice maker machines of 2017 which is certified by frustration-free.

Some Featured Qualities of Gourmia Compact Electric Portable Ice Maker

Gourmia is one of the best ice maker brand and it 4 out of 5 stars by genuine buyers from Amazon. It is comes with Manufacturer’s warranty which can be requested from customer service.

  • Gourmia’s express ice making system uses fast freeze technology to give you fresh crisp ice – fast! Make 9 pieces of ice in just 10 minutes.
  • No need for messy ice cube trays. Avoid spills and frustration and save freezer space with a countertop sized machine
  • Full loaded with features for the ultimate in customizable production. Includes 3 cube size selections, large capacity 3 quart water tank with refill alarm, auto start/stop, clock and timer. Interior is insulated to keep ice crisp and fresh and holds over 2 lbs of ice at once
  • Yields over 26 pounds of ice a day – perfect for parties, road trips, smaller sized bed and breakfasts.
  • Compact for multi location use; ideal for counter tops, kitchenettes, rv kitchens, studios or offices. Includes removable bucket and scoop.

Some Genuine and Verified Buyers Review from Amazon

Down below we have some verified buyer reviews, whom have bought Gourmia Compact Electric Portable Ice Maker. They are the satisfied buyers whom love the this ice maker.

PERFECT FOR THIS ICE EATER!!! – Said Twrighty55 

Excellent Gourmia Compact Portable Electric Ice Maker producing and supplying ice for daily use or any event! – Said Lee Anne Knibb 

Very nice, very pleased! – Said Tadei173 

Gourmia Compact Portable Ice Maker

Keep your household supplied with ice and this would be perfect for any party. When you first opened the box, you will be happy with the design and it wasn’t as big as you had expected and that is a good thing.

This hard working machine is quite easy to use. The first thing you did was run a full batch (about 3 quarts) to completely clean out the machine; set the clock. The clock is a 24 hour military style clock and this ice maker can make 3 different sizes of ice and it can produce ice within 8 to 10 minutes depending on the size.

You must try all 3 sizes: small, medium and large and prefer the large since they don’t melt as fast. The ice cubes are shaped like bullets with a hollow center and this is because the ice maker has silver prongs giving the cubes their shape.

After each batch is frozen, they drop down into the removable basket and you can scoop out with the scooper that is supplied with the machine. You can use the Gourmia Compact Portable Electric Ice Maker for 3 straight days and will not face any issues. Whenever someone needed ice, instead of opening the freezer open this ice maker.

It is relatively quiet for a portable ice maker and seems to only make the most noise when it is dropping the ice and starting a new batch. This was not too annoying. The area under the removable basket is insulated but you really need to remove the ice if not using it as this area is not cooled and the ice does melt.

This melting doesn’t occur as much when the basket is full of ice. When the basket would get close to full, you must place in gallon bags and freeze. This will definitely be used in your house and now has a place on the counter and you will run it when everyone is home and ice is most used and now you don’t have to deal with hand filling ice trays and freezing those which takes so much longer to freeze.

we understand that this is a portable ice maker and we love the fact that it can easily be moved and even taken to a friend’s when a party is going on, but for us and not having an ice maker this is constantly being used.

We highly recommend this Gourmia ice maker and the only thing that we would like to change would be that the inner basket had a cooling system and that the clock could be set on other than military time.

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