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Human Touch Ottoman 2.0 Robotic Calf and Foot Massager

The Human Touch Ottoman 2.0 Robotic Calf and Foot Massager is an elegant looking foot calf massager that can pass as an attractive looking piece of furniture for your living room. The massager is covered by a soft black micro suede material so simply flip it 180 degrees, and you have a good looking footstool to rest your feet on. Other than that, it does an excellent job of massaging your feet and calves. Most people that have this product really like the combination of style and functionality, and it is fairly priced too.

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More on the Human Touch Ottoman 2.0 Robotic Calf and Foot Massager 

The Human Touch 2.0 Ottoman is slightly different from the boot style massagers where you effectively place your leg on them. The Ottoman has a smaller area of massaging so you can only get your feet and calves massaged separately by placing them over the massaging area. This could be seen as a negative because you can’t get the all-over foot and calf massage, but some people claim that it gives them more flexibility and control.

Robotic Massage Technology

Regarding the massaging, the Ottoman 2.0 uses something that it calls the Robotic Massage Technology or RMT. This technology is said to be the culmination of work from the collaboration of engineers and massage therapists to give a human feeling massage done by a machine.

The technology uses 20 rollers (10 for each foot/leg). This array of rollers can cover every spot on the foot or calf to deliver a soothing and relaxing massage. The rollers are also able to apply pressure to the pressure points on the sole. This adheres to the principles of reflexology that are thought to promote overall good health and well-being through activating or unblocking the Qi within the body.

The Qi are energy flows that pass through and around the body. A blocked flow of energy is thought to be responsible for ailments or illness according to traditional Chinese medicine techniques (and even ancient Chinese philosophy). Whether this is true or it works, the Ottoman 2.0 Robotic Calf and Foot Massager gives an excellent massage. The rollers squeeze and press on the sole and sides of the feet. If you position your calves on the massager, it gets stuck into the fleshy part of the calves too.

Many people that use the Ottoman 2.0 Robotic Calf and Foot Massager felt that it does a good job and relieving the tension from the feet and lower legs and promotes healthy blood circulation. Good blood circulation is vital for getting nutrients, red and white blood cells to the extremities of the body so if good for the health of these areas of the body too.

What are the Features?

The foot calf massager has two speeds for manual operation and a set automatic program that varies the speed and intensity of the massage. There is also an automatic shut off that happens after 20 minutes for safety reasons should you doze off during a massage. This appliance is a great item for people that work on their feet or simply just need to take a load off after a busy week.  

Demonstration of an Ottoman foot calf massager:

* 10 rollers on each foot to simulate reflexology
* 2 speeds and 1 program of varying speeds
* Adjustable height and angle for maximum comfort
* Rotates and locks in any position
* 20-minute automatic shut-off timer

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